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Warehousing services

We will deliver quickly and in compliance with the storage and transportation regime!


Until Sep. 15, our specialists will help You to

assess and quote your needs free of charge

OUR STORE is a logistic warehouse, temporary storage, customs warehouse. Our additional advantage is the location in Pruszkow near Warsaw, which is geographically favorable for the transport of goods to Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

Use it when you need:

  • repackaging of cargo
  • partial unloading
  • temporary storage
  • storage under customs control
  • change of means of transport

An important service is the ability to prepare all shipping documents, customs registration, video registration, check all goods, weighing, labeling, excise stickers, packing and repackaging, creating partial loads, and all this is under your control.

The warehouse is certified by the European Union and has other relevant permits. Optimum temperature and humidity are maintained in the rooms, which guarantees good safety of goods. The use of modern loading equipment makes the work run smoothly and quickly under ours and Yours control.


Why is worth to work with us ? 

Experience from 2004 – 17 years

Dry products storage

Easy access for trucks

Storage on pallets and racks


Weighting and repacking the cargo

Completing part load deliveries

Utilization services


Our warehouse is equiped with:

  • reliable fire alarm
  • automatic gates with hydraulic lift
  • fire extinguishing system
  • temperature control mode

The building has office space connected to the warehouse. They are equipped with burglar alarms, monitoring, air conditioning and ventilation system. In order to ensure comfortable work of the personnel and organization of A-class warehouse operations, an office, sanitary and shower rooms, catering facilities and other premises for the employees were located inside the building.

The warehouse is equipped with video surveillance systems. When an alarm is triggered, the information from the cameras goes to the operator. To ensure fire safety, a warning system and an automatic powder extinguishing system were installed. Full access control is maintained. The flow of goods and personnel on the premises is monitored.