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  • We transport only commercial cargo
  • We cooperate only with legal entities and companies
  • We transport goods from 100 kg
  • We do not provide postal services

Every customer chooses the way of transportation according to his experience and knowledge, or with a help of more experienced people.

Modern state of internet  allows you to get professional help, even sometimes it is hard to make your choice.  You will have to study  a lot of information  just to realize it was only seemingly easy.  Knowledge is important in every job but only you is the one who is held responsible and is taking risks. But trust us, finding a partner who is ready to help you, using his own experience, you will still make your own mistakes, only then you will appreciate the work, that people do to clarify the aspects of work step by step.

Our specialists will help you with the main task, which lies in the realm of objectively looking at your task, dividing it into parts and doing it.

Every client of ours is in close contact with a dedicated logistics manager, unlike a common practice when a client is migrating from one manager to another.


We recognize your needs only specific to you, your cargo point of origin and destination and your cargo current state.

Unlike a carrier or a sea line we are able to help you objectively in choosing  one of   transportation means available on the market, with a legitimate support of our choice.

Criterions such as price, pace and quality are interconnected, choosing one over another effects the rest.

If time is not an issue the preferred way of shipment is sea freight, the latter is also the case when there is no other way.

When time is the priority, and it is possible, the road shipment comes to play.

Air shipment is the choice when time is your top priority.

Majority of our clients make choice in favor of road shipment as doing so allows them to ship their cargo effectively, fast, relatively cheep and without any complications.

Fast, Cheap & Reliable

Types of cargo

  • FTL (complete) – up to 25 t
  • LCL (partial, groupage)
  • Dangerous goods ADR
  • Oversize cargo (transport of oversize cargo involves the use of special means of transport, for which professional knowledge is required).
  • Refrigerated cargo (food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals) must be transported under certain conditions. We provide the necessary type of transportation, equipped cargo tracking equipment, temperature recorder and protective device.
  • Part load (general cargo), i. e. cargo delivery to several customers in one vehicle. Reduces the cost, but increases the delivery time.

Take advantage of free advice from our specialist – ask any question: related to transportation, preparation of documents and quotations.

Why is worth to work with us ? 

Keeping deadlines

For us a week is always 7 days !


Fix agreed price

We provide competitive prices. Once agreed – they remain fixed until the service is completed.


Quality and quantity control.

Loading and document control, reliable reporting, photo and video recording.


Assistance and help.

We will help you at every stage preparation and realization of transport.


We have an insurance policy covering liability of freight forwarder



For high-value shipments, we recomend an additional policy with our proven insurance broker



We deliver from the sender to the final receipent.


Our specialist – gurus.

Our forwarders constantly expand their knowledge, participate in trainings and courses in order to become the best in their profession.