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To carriers

If you are a reliable carrier we invite you to join our team with a perspective for long cooperation.

We provide logistics and stable orders for trucks 13,6 m, 25 t and small avia trucks till 3,5 t .

Advantages of working with us and responsibilities.

Why you should work with us

Constants flow of orders

We have been supporting our clients for the last 14 years, and we have experienced all sorts of problems: transport cancelations, demurrage at the borders, cargo returned to the sender, late payment, and the last but not the list period of now orders.

Our partners and clients all over the world help us to provide our subcontractors with work.

Problems are not going anywhere, transportation business is one of the most complicated types of business. If you decide to work with us the problems that may come along will be taken care of. Its out job to provide you with a constant flow of work.

Thanks to our experience and a large number of past clients we offer our carriers a constant flow of orders under our supervision.

Our financial liabilities

Our financial liabilities do not depend on weather or not we paid by client.

We do not overload you if information on payments details. Payment on our side is always done from our companies financial means.

Our company always follows the conditions, listed in the contract, and expects the same from our partners.

Our payment terms are very realistic, which makes us very attractive to the carrier.


We understand the carrier’s first point of concern and we are aware of how difficult it is to do your job. We appreciate it. Our priority is to take of our carriers. We never switch our telephones off, the drivers will get support with establishing directions, and even flowers are sent to their wives.

We do not insist on being the best. Our motto is to make room for everyone on the boat, fair wind for your business, to look the same direction, and to make everyone aware of the final destination.

Please send us your order, using the down form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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