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Moving to a new life in Europe? Trust us with your move!

ALL EUROPE: From country to country, from city to city, within the EU.

We will transport your favorite things   safely, quickly and with care.

Calculate your move

We will quickly calculate your move and give you an offer you can’t refuse!


Our managers will help you choose the correct  transport.
We will offer you different types of trucks depending on the volume and weight of your cargo.


We use the following types of trucks for moving

Small truck

Weight  capacity up to 1 t
Length 4 m
Width 2,2 m
Height 2,2 m

Medium truck

Weight  capacity up to 5 t
Length 6 m
Width 2,2 m
Height up to 2.5 m

Long vehicle truck

Weight  capacity up to 22 t
Length 13,6 m
Width 2,45
Height up to 2.7 m

Why work with us

Flexible delivery schedule

throughout Europe

Safety is guaranteed

Your belongings are in good hands.

Competitive prices

High quality services at affordable prices

Experienced and professional drivers

Your cargo is in good hands

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We are specialized in transportation between following regions

Moving to a house/apartment/office within the European Union.
Country-country and within the territory of a country
From France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Malta, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway.





    Call right now, write, if you prefer, via messenger, we will quickly calculate your move and give you an offer you can’t refuse!

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    Trust our experience and professionalism to provide comfortable transportation in Europe!




    How does the order process work?

    You leave a request for a quote, our manager calls you and finds out the details of your order.

    If the price suits me and I accept, what happens next?

    We send you an official confirmation of receipt of the order, send all our  documents, and draw up a loading plan.

    How are loading and unloading dates observed?

    All dates, times, specific actions are agreed with you based on your capabilities and plans.

    How is the calculation done?

    After loading of the truck, the driver issues CMR and gives you one original, which, together with our confirmation of the order, are official documents. Based on these documents, you receive an advance payment invoice from us, which you pay only to our company- not to the driver-  in a way convenient for you:  in cash, or by bank transfer.

    What data is needed for calculation?

    The weight of the cargo, its dimensions, loading and unloading locations, and the planned loading date.

    The manager selects the truck you need based on the size and data, planned dates, and gives you a real offer within 15 minutes.

    Should I worry that my cargo will go away in a wrong direction?

    The moment you sign your application, you receive our European Freight Transport License, European Carrier Insurance, all our registration documents, which guarantee you are covered for any possible situations along the way.

    The carrier bears full responsibility for the cargo from the moment it is loaded on board until it is completely unloaded.

    Therefore, with us you will receive complete security for your goods, and you will not worry that the cargo has left in an unknown direction, with illegal carriers who do not have insurance or special permits.

    After unloading the cargo, you/or your client signs CMR, which indicates acceptance of the cargo, and the transportation is considered completed.


    Contact us

    Contact us in any way convenient for you
    What’s up
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    Calculation of all stages of transportation according to your requirements
    Provide us cargo data (weight, dimensions, specificity),
    Transportation route, and all necessary requirements.
    We will process your request within 15 minutes and return with an offer.


    Upon agreement of all the details, the signing of an application / contract for transport and forwarding services

    Performance of work, stage-by-stage informing of the client

    At each stage of transportation, the client receives written information where his cargo is located and what is happening to him


    Delivery of goods, report on the work done, providing of CMR


    Payment for services according to agreed terms