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Go-bring is a company which provides a full range of shipping services, including contracts, customs formalities and registration, warehousing services and insurance

What we offer

We are forwarding agent with a client interests in mind. What makes working with us mutually successful is the proven record of successful partnerships. We build the entire chain of shipment, which includes required documents, route planning, loading, customs formalities, the shipment itself, customs clearance and delivery to warehouse.

Destinations we ship to

We focus on road shipment in the following directions:
  • EuropeEurope

    Internal transportation (cabotage)

  • EuropeСНГ

    Europe to CIS countries and back

When it comes to sea and air shipment we focus on
  • ChinaUSACISEurope

    CIS: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tadzhikistan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbajzan, Georgia, Uzbekistan

Our specialist will help you in assessing your needs free of charge. We will address any requests regarding transportation, registration, prices.

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