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Multimodal transportation gives you an opportunity of delivering any cargo from door to door and is carried out involving multiple means of transportation.

As an example, we can load cargo to the container in North Dakota, send it as an inland cargo to any of ports, pass formalities, load it to ship that goes to Europe. Once in Europe, we cross dock, repack, register and transport it by road to Russia. Are you ready to deal with charges, various burocracies, work with railways, road carrier, warehouses, sea line representatives, customs agents and still believe in realistic delivery dates and keep within the initial budget. If in doubt, contact us, send us a request and ask any questions.

Our company will insure your load will be delivered despite any force majeure situation.

Our work ethics has been put into test for the past 15 years. Multimodal transportation is a highly responsible task. In order to achieve the highest quality of delivery a consolidation of affords of all participants is required. At the same time a sender’s participation is to the minimum. We advice you to address your task to the specialists. Save your time, money and not the least do not put at risk not fulfilling your contract conditions.

Our company is:

  • Real time of delivery
  • Real rates
  • Optimized ways of delivery
  • Warehousing solutions
  • Customs clearance

*** dDoor-to-door deliver, all in one place

**** Cargo insurance

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We recommend you insure your cargo. We will explain you how.
There are a lot of people who rely on the careers or agents insurance, to avoid extra payments.

Career insurance covers its liabilities; an agent secures its risks. Cargo is a property of yours, its your responsibility to insure it so you avoid any possible loses. We can offer you to make an insurance agreement with European insurance companies.

You pay a little compared to possible loses.