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Mon-Fri 9.00-19.00

Road transportation is the most popular and affordable way of transportation.

Nowadays there are 40 trucks with semitrailers that work under our control, according to our contracts and orders 24/7, working inside Europe as well as on the international destinations.

We work with complex and partial cargos.

We work with

  • oversized cargo
  • ADR, dangerous cargo
  • liquid cargoes
  • refrigerated cargoes

Additional services:

  • We will talk to cargo shippers in their languages to establish any details, cargo dimensions and dates
  • We take care of customs registrations (EX1, T1,CMR, TIR carnet, Re-export)
  • We will check on your cargo, take photo, check on quantity and quality
  • we make sure it’s the cargo, that you have ordered.

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We recommend you insure your cargo. We will explain you how.
There are a lot of people who rely on the careers or agents insurance, to avoid extra payments.

Career insurance covers its liabilities; an agent secures its risks. Cargo is a property of yours, its your responsibility to insure it so you avoid any possible loses. We can offer you to make an insurance agreement with European insurance companies.

You pay a little compared to possible loses.