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What we offer

We are a client oriented company. Go-bring is a company which provides a full range of shipping services, including preparing of contracts, customs formalities, warehousing and insurance. Our team of professionals, partnership network, and modern technologies, make cooperation with us mutually beneficial. Our team organizes and monitor the entire chain of transportation, paperwork, route planning, cargo loading, customs formalities, the shipment itself, customs clearance and delivery to warehouse.

Sea freights

Sea shipments FCL (full uploading), LCL (partial uploading). We have a branch which is represented in Odessa port. We offer full range of sea shipment services.

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Road transportation

We offer services of FTL and LCL cargos. 40 trucks are operating under our supervision around Europe and on international destinations.

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Air transportation

We ship cargo of various ranges. We will receive it at the airport, handle customs clearance and deliver to your destination. You will like our prices.

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Multimodal transportation

Any type of cargo delivery from door to door: realistic terms of delivery, realistic prices, optimal delivery options, warehousing solutions, customs registration

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Customs services

If you choose to work with us you will get a free advice regarding the terms and choice of conditions for proper paperwork

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Warehousing services

We are ready to solve any of your tasks, concerning with warehousing handling: overload, cross docking, applying of stickers, palletizing, repackaging, photo and video control, paperwork.

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We should you choose our company

    Every customer chooses the way of transportation according to his experience and knowledge, or with a help of more experienced people

    Modern state of internet allows you to get professional help, even sometimes it is hard to make your choice. You will have to study a lot of information just to realize it was only seemingly easy. Knowledge is important in every job but only you is the one who is held responsible and is taking risks. But trust us, finding a partner who is ready to help you, using his own experience, you will still make your own mistakes, only then you will appreciate the work, that people do to clarify the aspects of work step by step.

    Our specialists will help you with the main task, which lies in the realm of objectively looking at your task, dividing it into parts and doing it.

    Every client of ours is in close contact with a dedicated logistics manager, unlike a common practice when a client is migrating from one manager to another.

    We recognize your needs only specific to you, your cargo point of origin and destination and your cargo current state.

    Unlike a carrier or a sea line we are able to help you objectively in choosing one of transportation means available on the market, with a legitimate support of our choice.

    Criterions such as price, pace and quality are interconnected, choosing one over another effects the rest.

    If time is not an issue the preferred way of shipment is sea freight, the latter is also the case when there is no other way.

    When time is the priority, and it is possible, the road shipment comes to play.

    Air shipment is the choice when time is your top priority.

    Majority of our clients make choice in favor of road shipment as doing so allows them to ship their cargo effectively, fast, relatively cheep and without any complications.

Our experience in cargo transportation

  • FTL
  • LCL
  • Dangerous ADR cargos . Handling and transport of dangerous goods, toxic substances and dangerous materials is a complicated area, only companies well-versed in legislation are worth trusting.
  • Oversized cargos. Oversized cargos transportation involves hiring special transport means and professional knowledge.
  • Temperature cargos (Pharmaceuticals Chemicals, Vegetables and fruits) must be transported under specific conditions. We provide you with needed type of transport, equipped with high quality mechanisms, designed to track your cargo and communicate back to you.
Our specialist will help you in assessing your needs free of charge. We will address any requests regarding transportation, registration, prices.